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Oh My Dayum!!

sometimes cheeseburgers make you break out in a rap song

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Sometimes you've gotta have fun

Sometimes You’ve Gotta Have Fun

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soon human...soon

Soon Human…soon

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one of the great joys of life

One Of The Great Joys Of Life

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Kid makes an awkward music video for his crush

Kid Makes An Awkward Music Video For His Crush

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I'll never look at it the same again

I’ll Never Look At It The Same Again

Unless it does mean that…hmm

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Things we can tell our grandchildren

Things We Can Tell Our Grandchildren

the sad thing is….it’s true

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Honest kitten is honest

Honest Kitten Is Honest

I dunno what happened…

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Dalmatian becomes a mother to a baby spotted lamb

Dalmatian Becomes A Mother To A Baby Spotted Lamb

Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

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Man Orders 1000 Slices Of Cheese With His Whopper

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